volvo lady history

Our History

Dad and MomI grew up in a working-class family in Montréal. Dad was Manager of the Downtown Woolworth Store and mom a waitress in a Greek Restaurant. Both often took on extra part-time work to help raise 5 children. They taught us the importance of hard work and never giving up, but most important, to believe in ourselves.Both of them unfortunately have passed away but are forever in my life.  


Why buy new?

I remember a time when I was about 10 years old and had never had a bicycle of my own. Dad and I often visited the local PASCAL hardware store where I first saw a beautiful shiny new silver Mustang bicycle with a red banana seat . Oh how I wished it could be mine all mine. Being taught how to be resourceful , I decided that I was going to “make one” with an old rusty bike I convinced the neighbor lady to give me. So here began my project and little did I know, my flair to making old stuff new again.I wish I had a photo of that bicycle today. It is in keeping with my philosophy of WHY BUY NEW?

volvo lady in the 80s  

The beginning of a long relationship with Volvos

I began my Volvo Career in 1980. My brother George had started a repair shop in 1977 called George’s Imports. With the same drive and determination taught to us, he took on the VolvoFranchise in 1978.

Abbotsford Imports

I worked in all aspects of the dealership. Abbotsford Imports, as it was known, soon became one of the highest ranking customer satisfaction Volvo franchises in Canada.George and I really enjoyed our partnership over the years. His favorite saying was always: “the best man for the job is a woman”. Volvo Canada wanted to expand it’s dealer network and made demands for expansion which were to us very unrealistic. So, in 1996, we sold our franchise to Don Docksteader Volvo. George retired and I started Valley Import Connection Ltd, specializing in the sale of great used Volvos. bottom history image

How the "Volvo Lady" got her name

Back in 1982, a certain Mission school teacher purchased a Volvo from Marie and insisted on a 240 5 speed. Although she had never driven a 5 speed, she opted for the sportyness of this model. Marie volunteered to teach "April" the art of driving a standard shift. Upon her arrival at her student's home, the door bell rang, ding dong, " it's the VOLVO LADY" April called out...and the rest is History!